Mocha Browser for CE

Mocha mBrowser is a simple and very fast web browser designed only for CE/Windows Mobile barcode scanners. It offers a limited set of HTML elements, as to make it easy to build HTML pages for the small barcode scanner screen. For Symbol/Motorola/Zebra devices which includes Internet Explorer, we have another product: Mocha Barcode

  • Small size, only 121 Kb.
  • Support for Motorola scanners (uses hardware API). Other scanners can be used, if they send barcodes as keyboard events.
  • Runs on most CE devices (also core CE), requires only Compact Framework 2.0.
  • A HTML page can include the Mocha Browser configuration in the META data.
  • Full screen mode.
  • Font size can be configured.
  • Possible to make an automatic Enter or Tab command after a scan.
  • Low cost : Single User license 29.85 USD or 299 USD for a Company License.

  • Only a subset of HTML commands are supported, see the setup guide
  • Javascript is not supported
  • CSS is not supported.
  • Only HTTP. HTTPS cannot be supported as CE is missing TLS

Setup Guide

Try the unlicensed version, only limitation is, a dialog will pop up, telling it is a DEMO, when 5 HTML pages have been loaded.

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