Mocha TN5250 for Chromebook

New product designed for Chromebook using Android. As Google will stop supporting Chrome OS apps, this will be the product supported in the future.

The AS/400 - also called the "IBM iSeries," is a midrange server from IBM, designed for the business world. TN5250 is a terminal emulator which provides access to an AS/400.

  • Designed for Chromebook with a keyboard.
  • Uses Android part of the Chromebook OS.
  • Supports all standard 5250 emulation features.
  • Multi sessions.
  • Alternate screen size (24x80 or 27x132).
  • Device name support.
  • TLS 1.0/1.2. Certificates are not supported.
  • Hotspots (Fx and URL text in the 5250 screen can be used as buttons).
  • Touch screen support.
  • External mouse support.
  • Functions keys F1-F24 can be part of the Toolbar.
  • Autologin.
  • Toolbar can be configured.
  • Hardware keyboard layout can ve configured.
  • Clipboard.
  • Lifetime free upgrades to new versions of the product.
  • Low cost : Single User license 29.85 USD. Is only sold on Google Play store.

  • Cannot be used on Android phones/tablets. We have a "Mocha TN5250 for Android" product for such devices.
  • Runs only in landscape mode, and cannot be used with a screen keyboard.
  • A license for Chrome OS TN5250 is not valid for the paid version.
  • At the moment Chromebook's Android part have problems with some double typed characters as á è ö.

Google play store version Google play lite version
Lite or paid version

The lite version has a 5 minutes session limit