Download MochaSoft software for Mac OS X

The products can be tested before you actually buy them. The trial is valid for 30 days. The products are fully functional. When you order, we will send a software license code, which will remove the 30 days limit.
The following packages contains the complete products, including documentation.
Mac OS X Version File (Disk Image) Size Readme.txt
Mocha TN5250 for Mac OS X 2.1   mtn5250universal.dmg.gz  3.3 M   read52xu.txt 
Mocha TN5250 for Mac OS X 2.2 (Leopard, 10.5.x )  800 kb   read52xui.txt 
Mocha TN5250 for Mac OS X 3.1 (OS X 10.6.x - 10.9.x)  560 kb   read52xui2.txt 
Mocha TN5250 for Mac OS X 3.2 (OS X 10.6.x - 10.10.x)  561 kb   read52xui2.txt 
Mac OS X Version File Size Readme.txt
Mocha TN3270 for Mac OS X 1.2 (OX X 10.7.x - 10.10.x  1.4 Mb   read32xu.txt 
Do not install the new Lion version on an old Leopard OS. It will fail.


TN5250 Version 2.1 has support for the older PPC CPU. From version 2.2, only the Intel CPU is supported.  

If problems with keyboard (F9,F10 and F11), see our FAQ or use alt+f9, alt+f10... (or fn + f1 - f12)

How to downgrade to an older tn5250 version:
There is not an easy to use utility in Mac OS X for such a task. A work around is

- Open a terminal window (application - utilities - terminal)
- Type following command

       sudo pkgutil --forget dk.mochasoft.tn5250

If this fails, try

      cd /Library/Receipts

      sudo rm -r tn5250_install.pkg

Hereafter install the older version.

How to install on Mountain Lion:
Turn on in system preferences - Security - Allow application download from "anywhere"

You can also buy and download tn5250 direct from Apple App Store, but at the moment we cannot offer a lite/trial version in the App Store.

Notice, if you order a license key from , it cannot be used with software downloaded direct from Apple App Store.