X11 Server

Mocha X Server is a simple to use PC Xserver software program that is running on a standard PC Windows platform, such as Windows XP.

Mocha X Server runs Staroffice on a Linux server

Mocha XServer lets you connect quickly and easily to X11 Window applications running on UNIX and Linux platforms.

The UNIX application run on the remote server, but the application output appears in a window on the PC, and looks as any other local Microsoft Windows program. This makes for an integrated world, where you can have mix of local and remote programs on the same desktop.

Mocha X Server includes:

  • - Implementation of X11R6.8.2
  • - Runs X11 Applications as normal Microsoft Windows
  • - Clipboard support
  • - Local Icons
  • - 4 client startup methods: TELNET,RSH,REXEC and RLOGIN
  • - 2 and 3 button mouse support + wheel mouse support
  • - Uses the Microsoft Windows keyboard driver, which makes keyboard configuration very easy
  • - Host access check


  • - Operating system: MS Windows 200x or XP.
  • - Scroll mouse is recommended


  • Windows 95/98/me and the Citrix family are not supported
  • The X11 application must be able to run in a normal Window. Full screen X11 Terminal mode is not supported.
  • Support for US and Western Europe code pages. If extra fonts are installed it is possible to use other 8 bit code pages, but we cannot give support on such an installations.

Mocha X Server is not supported anymore. We must recommend another product: Xming X Server. If you still wants to try our old software use the [download] buttom below.