Mocha Barcode for iPhone/iPad

Barcode 2.3 Released July 2022
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Compiled with latest Xcode version.
Barcode 2.2 Released June 2021
  • Web page can include a URL scheme call.
    Example, URL scheme call to another app PassPRNT:
      function myprint() { 
        window.location = "starpassprnt://v1/print/nopreview?&html=<html><head>Hello world</body></html>";
  • When returning from the background, more data in the web cache will be cleared.
  • Reload button gives a 1 second pop up message.
  • Reload function in preferences did not work.
Barcode 2.1 Released February 2021
  • support for GPS location (html page must be loaded with https)
  • when running html page inside the mocha browser, variable MOCHALOCALBROWSER is defined
Barcode 2.0 Released October 2019
  • Javascript alert calls did not work.
  • Will now clear the web cache, before loading a page.
  • Returning from background mode, could give a blank web page.
Barcode 1.9 Released September 2019
  • Dark mode.
  • Uses a new web engine.
Barcode 1.8 Released July 2019
  • add front camera support
Barcode 1.7 Released April 2017
  • solved problem with ":" in a callback URL
  • new callback function "CALLBACKHASH" which return the barcode data to the Web page, which started mocha barcode.
  • will stay free in April, and change to a paid App on May 1.
Barcode 1.6 Released March 2017
  • Callback could fail if the App was not loaded in the background.
  • If the device enter auto-lock mode, the next scanning could fail.
Barcode 1.5 Released February 2017
  • Increased a barcode size 255 to 1024
  • Characters in a barcode below 0x20 are now replaced with '?'
Barcode 1.4 Released September 2016
  • Increased a barcode size from 80 to 255 characters
  • Support for hardware scanners from SocketMobile
Barcode 1.3 Released July 2016
  • callback data can include spaces, which now are escaped as %20
  • if a callback url included ? such as ?summer=now, the barcode result will be added as &BARCODE= and not ?BARCODE=
Barcode 1.2 Released June 2016
  • new scanner module
  • solved cache problem
  • new icon
Barcode 1.1 Released February 2016
  • mochabarcode://RUN can be used to start the app
  • bug fixing
Barcode 1.0 Released October 2015
  • first version