Telnet for Palm OS - Released as Freeware

Mocha Telnet is an application for the Palm Computing (R) Platform. It makes it possible to connect to an UNIX host with the TCP/IP/TELNET protocol and emulate a VT220 terminal.
high density device in 320*320 pixel mode  
Mocha Telnet Features:
  • - VT100/VT220 emulation.
  • - Supports PALM OS 3.x or newer. Also Tungsten and Treo 650 with Palm OS v 5.0
  • - SSH-2 (Secure Shell) Encryption with 3-DES
  • - User defined functions keys.
  • - Autologin with scripting parameter.
  • - Possible to use Graffiti or build in keyboard.
  • - User defined macros.
  • - User defined function keys.
  • - Use Scroll and hardware buttons on the PalmPilot as cursor keys (+ return and delete).
  • - Screen size 24*80. Possible to navigate the view with a Tap on the screen or moving a small screen window.

License name: freeware
License key: 119377