Mocha VNC Setup Wizard - Using local WiFi on the iPhone

  1. Make sure Wifi is enabled. The small pie icon must be shown in the status bar

  2. Find the IP address for the PC/Mac

    The IP address should be configured as static. Otherwise it may change next time the workstation is restarted

    On a Mac OS X select System Preferences - Network. Click here for a screen example, or get the IP address in System Preferences - sharing - Screen Sharing Click here for a screen example.


    On a Windows PC move the mouse over the VNC icon in the tray. If the icon is missing, check if the VNC server is running.

    • In Windows Click on the start menu button and then on run
    • Type "cmd" (without quotes) and hit enter
    • A black DOS box is shown with a prompt
    • Type ipconfig and hit enter.  Click here for a screen example.

  3. Insert the IP address in the VNC iPhone - menu - edit connection screen (1), or tap the blue arrow, and Mocha VNC will search for workstations on the local network.

    If using a Mac OS X, select (2) [Mac OS X sign on] and write the user (4) and password (5) you use on the Mac.

    If using a Windows PC with a VNC Server, the VNC password (2) must be given. Now tap (back) Connect , the PC/Mac screen will be shown.