Mocha TN3270 for Android

version 3.0 : 15. December 2021
  • Added an extra URL parameter: lock=
version 2.9 : 9 December 2021
  • Add import/export configuration in menu - configure. (*)
  • Can import a configuration using a QR URL
  • Solved problem with keyboard suggestion input
  • Display TLS level in status bar
  • More TLS Ciphers are supported.
  • Can send keep alive in TLS mode
(*) Export/Import a configuration
In menu - configure - top menu is an option "export configuration". It can build an URL, which includes the full configuration for the first server in the list + all settings values.

This URL can later be used to import the data, either using a mail client or a web page.
It is also possible to export a limited configuration URL, which can be used to build a QR code.
A QR code with the configuration, can be scanned with the camera, and imported to TN3270.
A large QR code can give problems to read for some camera types, try to make the data in the URL as small as possible.

version 2.8 : 11. October 2018
  • Fixed problem with Android OS 9.0 and the keyboard.
version 2.7 : 20. September 2018
  • Upgraded to use the latest Android SDK
  • Bug fixing.
version 2.6 : 20. October 2017
  • On some devices the horizontal keybanner would have a wrong height.
version 2.5 : 17. October 2017
  • Better scroll handling for the key banner + scroll speed can be changed.
  • Possible to have 2 key banners.
  • New barcode camera module.
version 2.4 : 21. September 2017
  • new lite version limitation. Now full keyboard and mouse support, but a 5 minutes session limitation.
  • new horizontal scroll bar with extra keys.
  • the menu can be configured.
  • general bug fixing.
version 2.2 : 12 November 2015
  • added support for protocol tn3270e
  • bug fixing
version 2.3 : 17 March 2016
  • better support for barcode scanner Intermec CN51
  • Next function in the menu
  • bug fixing