Mocha RS232 for iPhone/iPad

Mocha RS232 provides access to a BLE (Bluetooth) module with RS232 support, and emulates a VT220 terminal

  • Supports all standard VT220 emulation features.
  • 400 lines scroll back buffer
  • Camera Barcode scanner
  • iPad support
  • User defined key values.
  • Price 5.99 USD.

Support for 3 different BLE hardware devices click for photo:
  • Bluesnap smart to RS232 from We have only tested on the dongle from 2015, it may not work with latest hardware version.
  • Taskit BLE232 (peripheral) from
  • Tiny Bluetooth from Uconnect International (Taiwan). They have stopped selling this model, and the new is not supported in Mocha RS232
Bluesnap Taskit Tiny
Price (without shipping September 2015) 49 USD(*) 59.50 Euro 30 USD
Power battery or usb cable from rs232 interface (rts/cts) usb cable
Interface female DP9 2 types : female or male DB9 (***) male DP9 (**)
(*) Add battery + 10 USD, cable + 7.99 USD
(**) With DCE/DTE switch
(***) make sure to order the peripheral version, and NOT the central version
App store version App store lite version

Lite or paid version

The lite version has a 120 seconds session limit

User Guide

Free test server for Mac OS X (requires Mac supporting BLE, such as Macbook Air). Download here
This server emulates the 3 supported devices, and will give a console TTY when connected from Mocha RS232.
Server should only be used for testing. It is not a product for a production environment.