Mocha TN3812 for iPhone/iPad

TN3812 makes it possible to receive print jobs from an AS/400 Server.

  • Uses the standard TN5250 protocol (AS/400 must use OS V4R1 or better).
  • Can handle SCS/EBCDIC print jobs from an AS/400 Mainframe Computer system.
  • Can queue print jobs local on the iPhone/iPad, and pre-view data before printing.
  • Support for landscape mode.
  • Possible to Email a print job.
  • Can copy a print job as simple text to the clipboard.
  • Price 19.99 USD.


  • TN3812 cannot receive a print job, when tn3812 is running in the background. When bringing TN3812 to the foreground, the print job will be received. It is not possible to tell how long an App can stay in the background and keep the session open. In most cases at least 10-15 minutes should be expected. If using an iPad, it is possible to use a split screen display, and have both tn5250 and tn3812 active. See below
  • Can only accept simple SCS print data. The Print queue on the AS/400 must use TRANSFORM(*NO).
  • Cannot accept IPDS jobs from an AS/400 system.
  • Will ignore SCS font handling commands as : Set Line Density.
  • Only printers supporting Airprint can be used.
  • Only one print session can be active.

iPad in split screen mode, with tn5250 to the left and tn3812 to the right

App store version App store lite version

Lite or paid version

Upgrade to the paid Mocha TN3812 app and remove text "MOCHA TN3812 DEMO" from the print.