Download MochaSoft software for Windows Mobile

New (2016) barcode scanner versions can be found here.

The products can be tested before you actually buy them. The trial is valid for 30 days. The products are fully functional. When you order, we will send a software license code, which will remove the 30 days limit.

The following packages contains the complete products, including documentation.
The phone must .NET Compact Framework 2.0 installed. Older phones could use v 1.0.
The MochaSoft product can be downloaded below in 3 different formats:

  • CAB file. Copy the CAB file manually to the phone, and click the file to start an installation.
  • ZIP file. Includes the manual for the product + Windows installer .EXE file.
  • EXE file. Windows installer, which with the help of ActiveSync will install the Mochasoft product on the Phone.


Windows Mobile powered smartphone/PDA and .NET Compact Framework 2.0 with touch screen)

Product (with touch screen) Version CAB File Windows File (zip format) Windows Installer (recommended) Size
Mocha TN5250 for Windows mobile  3.1 wmt5250.exe 240k


Mocha Telnet for Windows mobile  4.0 wmtelnet.exe 198k


Mocha VNC for Windows mobile  1.1 wmtvnc.exe 189k





Older Pocket PC devices  - Software in retiring mode, see page lifecycle

Product (with touch screen) Version CAB File (**) Windows File (zip format) Windows Installer Size
Mocha CE TN5250, Pocket PC or Windows Mobile (***) 1.6 - 80k
Mocha CE TN3270, Pocket PC or Windows Mobile (***) 1.0 - 148k
Mocha CE TELNET, Pocket PC or Windows Mobile (***) 2.1 - 215k
Mocha VNC Client , Pocket PC (***)  1.1 - 86k
Mocha FTP Server, Pocket PC 200x or Windows Mobile. Released as freeware 1.0 - - - -
If the PDA has WI-FI and Internet access, download the CAB files direct to the device. Installing a CAB file gives no installation instruction. After running the CAB file, the Mochasoft program can be found in Start - Programs.

(**) Cab files must be copied to the PDA, and tapped on to be installed
(***) The device must have a touch screen, and minimum size 240x320 pixels


Windows H/PC 2.11 (very old devices with a keyboard, such as Jornada 720)

Product Version MIPS SH3 ARM (*) File (zip format) Size
Mocha CE TN5250 H/PC 2.11 1.3 yes yes yes 166k
Mocha CE TN3270 H/PC 2.11 1.0 yes yes yes 148k
Mocha CE TELNET H/PC 2.11 2.0 yes yes yes 189k

(*) Intel XScale CPU is an ARM type processor.